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Monday, 6 July 2015

Howard Takes A Vacation

The Boys at Broken Jack are working hard to create comic genius for all you fine folks out there,
We also want to make sure that we provide grade 'A' kick ass content for our readers.
That means that this week while we get ready to go to print with our new title
"The Benevolent Misadventures of Satch and Moe"
"Dammit Howard" will be postponed until we can catch up, get our shit together,
and make sure we have a bitchin' comic ready for you all at Saskatoon Expo in September.
Don't worry folks, we'll be back in week or so with another heaping helping of "Dammit Howard"
Grab your tickets to Saskatoon Expo Here! http://saskexpo.com/tickets/show-tickets/