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Monday, 15 September 2014

Caption This Photo of "SatchMo's" Moe

 Meet Moe, the rugged hero of our featured title "SatchMo" - a quick sketch by Broken Jack Artist, Curtis Addison.
Moe looks concerned, what's Moe thinking about?

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Mr. Oliver K - Episode Zero Preview

An awesome script excerpt from Mr. Oliver K creator Josh Strait

Sara :So are you one of the good guys?
Mok looks up from the stool and towards Sara...he goes to speak and then pauses before thinking of a
way to say his answer...
Mok: I am a neither good nor bad...i am a universal alignment agent
...employed with the UMDC...for the purpose of maintaining the
universal emotional content...
Sara: the UMDC?
Mok:  the Universal Mechanics Design Corporation

Thursday, 21 August 2014

"The Son of Man" an inspiration for Mr. Oliver K

'The Son of Man' By Rene Magritte, 1964, oil on canvas
On Serendipity:
“Do you think the universe fights for souls to be together?
Some things are too strange and strong to be coincidences.”
Emery Allen
We will unravel more on the mysteries of Mr. Oliver K written and created by Josh Strait An exclusive of
Broken Jack Comics

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Featured Title: The Benevolent Misadventures of Satch and Mo

I present to you all a brand new series project for Broken Jack Comics - “The Benevolent Misadventures of Satch and Mo”. 
I have always had a fascination with cryptozoology, especially the legends and lore of the creature known as Bigfoot.
The series follows Moe and his best pal Satch, a beast of mythological proportions, as they go on a series of mishaps and adventures around the RM of Gimlin in Northern Saskatchewan.  In their first adventure which we will feature soon, a story entitled “SatchMo Vs. The Mutants of Castle Lake” is not an origin story, but a sample of what to expect on a random day in the RM of Gimlin.
I prepared a forward on a few key characters, some are featured in this first adventure and a few you’ll just have to wait for. A tale for the light but not so faint of heart, I hope you all enjoy. – KKO

Moe – He’s a dirty, vulgar, unorganized local nobody with a lot of growing up to do. Quick to react and slow on the uptake, maybe a little time with Mother Nature will give him some values to live by.

Satch – A Sasquatch. He’s calm, cool and collected. He has a natural love for life and all it has to offer.  He’s quick, nimble, and unexplainably knowledgeable on the world at large.  Just don’t forget about the monster that lies deep within.

Highguard Plumtaco – Local gravel mogul and the deepest pockets in Gimlin. He’s got his dirty fingers in everything he can get them into, and he’s not above exploiting the people or the environment to make a few bucks. Also, his son Herbert Plumtaco is Moe's lifetime rival and local All-Star. Douchebaggery runs deep in this family. If they could only prove to the world that Moe is up to something when he goes out in those damn woods all the time…

Mrs. Wafflechuck – The cobbler queen of Gimlin County. Local food celebrity and town gossip, she’s the eyes and ears of the town, and always has her nose poking around where it doesn’t belong. She recently lost her precious Wally, a golden retriever, and thinks Moe had something to do with it.

Meet The Team Behind Broken Jack: Kris Olson

Name: Kristofer K. Olson
Super Powers: Writer and Creator of "SatchMo" and "Wither"
Favorite Comics: TMNT, East of West, Danger Girl, The Avengers
Currently working on: Story Boards for SatchMo/Mr. Oliver K Preview Special

"People often ask 'Does Bigfoot really exist', I say to them, I think your asking the wrong questions."

Day 1: Welcome to Broken Jack!

We're just getting started!
More to come soon, including: Photos, Creation Team Exclusives, Samples, More Comic Greatness!

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